Sergeant Darr-Rann

Name: Darr-Rann
Rank: Sergeant
Position: Squad Leader
Specialty: -
Gender: M
Species: Human

Darr-Rann's Bio, 2.0 ||====================================================================|| /Accessing Comnet database... //Accessing Personal Roster... //Accessing army Roster... PLEASE STATE NAME OF SOLDIER |Darr-Rann| //Searching for "Darr-Rann"... ONE FILE "Darr-Rann" FOUND //Loading personal file "Darr-Rann"... //File "Darr-Rann" Loaded //Displaying file... VAST IMPERIAL MILITARY ROSTER LANCE CORPORAL DARR-RANN ||====================================================================|| BASIC INFORMATION ||====================================================================|| Name: Darr-Rann (Formerly Known as Rannik Cedaan) Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 22 Height: 1.8 meters Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Blonde Physical Description: Muscled, With a scar running down his face beside his left eye, Imperial Logo tattooed to his right shoulder. Languages Known: Basic ||====================================================================|| SERVICE-RELATED SKILLS ||====================================================================|| Weapon Proficiencies: Trained in all standard military weapons, Specialized in use of Blade weapons and Staff type weapons Combat Training: Cedaan-Ryu: A martial arts form which merged the style of the Jando and Dall-han Ryus when Ril Jando and Laura Dall-han married, and adopted the new family name of Cedaan. The art consists of powerful punching and kicking combos, weapons training, grappling skills, and the deadly art of pressure points (although this is rarely used, only in emergency situations) Weapons: Commonly wields Dual DL-44 Heavy blaster pistols, wields MG-1 Electrostaff or Dual Vibrodaggers at close range. Rarely wields bayonet on firearm. Specializations: Currently training in Medical Specialty ||====================================================================|| ACTIVITY REPORT ||====================================================================|| Current Assignment: Raiders Squad, Wildcard Platoon Rank: Corporal Missions Report: Lancer Squad "The Killhouse" "Darkness Falls" Lancer-Raider joint mission Raiders Squad Is currently on mission "Wolves of new Brinne" Additional Activities: VE Today, Reporter ||====================================================================|| MEDALS AND CERTIFICATIONS ||====================================================================|| Has earned a Letter of Recommendation from Basic Training and was awarder the Cross of Resolve ||====================================================================|| BACKGROUND INFORMATION ||====================================================================|| Birthplace: Coronet, Corellia Known living relatives: -Jad Cedaan (Brother) (*REBEL OFFICER) Other notable activities: - Member of a resistance against the Rebels, which was destroyed in a Rebel assault. BRIEF HISTORICAL REPORT: Rannik was born to the Cedaan family, a family who's bloodline traced back to the ancient noble families Jando and Dall-han. from early ages, he was taught the art of Cedaan-Ryu, and he learned in the finest of private schools Corellia had to offer. Rannik eventually started to grow rebellious of this life, sneaking away from his family to visit new found friends in the speeder bike gangs of Coronet's slums. It was here he learned how to pilot a speeder bike, and met his friend Kal "Demonic", who currently serves in the Vast Imperial Navy. Eventually, both he and his brother Jad applied for teaching at a medical academy in Coronet, both seeking to become doctors. When he got in and Jad didn't, this created a hatred in his brother that would be very hurtful to him later in his life. It was at this medical academy that he met his friend Keith, who recruited him into the Anti-Republic Resistance of Coronet. The group was seen as a terrorist organization by the media, for their attacks on republic facilities and members, but they believed themselves to be heros, fighters against a weak government that had won their control of the galaxy be conquest and murder. In the resistance, Rannik quickly became "Medic General", leading squads of medics on the field of combat in the resistance. Also, he met Sarah, Keith's sister, who he fell in love with and eventually became engaged to. He fought in many battles, including a major assault on a NR police control center, in which Keith was apparently killed. Later, in a meeting of the resistance, they were attacked by non other then Jad, who had grown powerful, becoming an officer of the NR and a crime lord, creating a organization which toppled the ruling Corellian Authority. In this attack, Darr-Rann's life was saved by Sarah, who was killed. He witnessed her death, a moment that changed him greatly and deeply. After this he swore revenge on his brother and the NR. He was disowned from his family, being given the new name of Darr-Rann, meaning "Dark Rannik". He eventually came to the Vast Empire, enlisting in the Stormtrooper corps. He quickly sped through his basic training, having learned much about the art of war from the resistance. He then was assigned to Lancer Squad, were he served faithfully and eventually became Fire Team Captain. The squad was disbanded, and he was moved the the Raiders squad, which he serves today. Through his friends in the Tadath medical academy, he met Dawn. For the longest time they claimed to be "Just friends", although, it is obvious to all, they have feelings for eachother. Recently Dawn has been taken hostage by Jad, and Darr-Rann will not rest until he finds her, rescues her, and finally takes the revenge he swore so long ago... ||====================================================================|| END OF FILE //Closing file "Darr-Rann"...